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frequently asked QUESTIONS

Frequently Asked Questions:


What time do events start?

Events can start as early as 9am or start as late as 5pm.

How long are events?

Mini red events - 2hrs

Mini Orange events - 2.5hrs

Mini Green events - 3hrs

Yellow Ball events - 4hrs or longer


What is the format?

Mini Red - Tiebreak to 10 points, 2 points clear

Mini Orange - Tiebreak to 10 points, 2 points clear

Mini Green - One Fast4 Set

11U-Open - Best of 3 Fast4 sets

How many ranking points will I receive?

Check on the LTA site - the number of points will depend on your position in the event and the grade of the event.

LTA Rankings & Understanding Ranking Points


What happens if there is traffic and I arrive late?

Please allow enough time to get to the venue, and aim to get to the venue 30 minutes before your first match. If you are running late please contact your referee. If you are not present and ready to play within 15 minutes of your match being called you may be scratched from the match, and unfortunately the entry fee is not refundable in these circumstances.


What are withdrawal points?

These points are given out if you withdraw from the event after the withdrawal deadline. Withdrawal deadline penalty points:

·         Before the event – before 8pm the day before – 2 points.

·         During the event – after 8pm the day before – 3 points.

·         If you don’t show up you will receive 5 points.

If you get 10 points in a 12 month period the LTA disciplinary panel may suspend you for a couple of weeks.


Can I use the gym facilities of the club?

Only if you’re a member.



Can I play up an age group?

Yes, that’s fine, although some open events may have adult priority and you can only claim points for up to 2 age groups above your current one. E.g. an U12 player could play in an U18 event but the U12 player wouldn’t receive any ranking points.


I missed the entry deadline, can I still play?

Potentially, email us and give us your BTM number. You will be given a space if there are spaces available, but if we are full then you will be placed on the reserve list.


When will you publish the draw and first match times?

We will publish first match times on the day of the withdrawal deadline or the day afterwards. The draw will be published with the first match time unless there are spaces left in the tournament for people to enter late.


Why am I on the reserve list?

For grade 5 and 6 events entry is on a first come, first serve basis. For grade 4 events entry is done by the player with the highest rating, if players are tied are ratings then the person with the highest ranking will be accepted first.

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